About Prime Market

Prime Market has been Kansas City’s local and premier provider for commercial Ware Wash, Laundry and Housekeeping products, services and solutions for over twenty years.



Prime Market was born out of necessity. Almost two decades ago, our founder saw a growing number of businesses in the Kansas City area that required a service provider like Prime Market, a company that provided exceptional service and exceptional products paired with unmatched trust and value. Brick by brick, Prime Market became the one and only, locally owned service provider in the greater Kansas City area. We are local, fair and above all else, committed to excellence. That is what sets us apart from the others.

Today, Prime Market is still family owned, still committed to excellence and greatest of all, we are still committed to our customer’s satisfaction.


A partnership with Prime Market means dependable solutions, inclusive training, around the clock service, and an all in one provider for all your cleaning needs. Let us become your first call when you want to achieve efficient and satisfactory solutions for your business and most importantly, your guests.

Prime Market offers a variety of services to a vast array of businesses. We provide tailored and economical cleaning solutions to restaurants, food service providers, hospitals, schools, country clubs, nursing homes, hotels and more. Our focus is maximizing your bottom dollar in an effort to create a clean environment for your business. Our customers have come to expect a trustworthy, experienced and knowledgeable partner that has your best interests in mind. Your guests are your priority. You are our priority.


Partnering with Prime Market promises to provide your business with numerous advantages and opportunities. Working with us allows for you and your business to devote essential time and resources to the attention and care of your clients while letting us attend to the care and cleanliness of your operation. Throughout this partnership, you and your business will grow, prosper, and evolve, but so will we! We adapt in order to serve our customers in the most efficient ways possible. That is what we refer to as the Prime Advantage.


8714 E 16TH STREET


(877) 471-2524

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